About Us


Prynce Clothing is a Winnipeg-based clothing company that’s helping people live fearless lives.

Our story begins in 2015 with Prynce Ndizihiwe, a Rwandan entrepreneur seeking to forge an identity in his adopted country. Despite early struggles adapting to life in North America, Prynce fell in love with the clothes he saw and music he heard in playgrounds, clubs and homes of North America.  After discussions with friends and family, he knew that he wanted to blend his passion for hip hop and streetwear with the traditions of his African homeland. The goal was to merge the spirit of Africa - whimsical and playful, instinctive and raw, independent and free - with the excitement of North America street culture.

Prynce Clothing was born.

Today, Prynce Clothing has multiple lines that capture the hybrid energy of Africa and America.  Our clothes are a conversation about what happens when tradition meets ambition, past meets present, and potential meets possibility.  

Are you ready to live fearlessly?